Do You Need Hair Replacement? When To See A Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a specialist who works with skin issues and conditions. If you have hair loss, this is going to be the specialist you are referred to, assuming you have no other medical reasons for having a hair loss condition.

Your dermatologist can help you with any hair replacement needs you have. You can have a more permanent solution to your hair loss problems, and gain some answers as to why you're losing hair in the first place. Do you need hair replacement? Here are a few signs you need to see your dermatologist.

Your hair loss is noticeable

Does your natural hair part seem wider than usual? Can you see through to your scalp in more than one area of your head, or have you noticed your scalp becoming noticeable when you normally have very thick hair? Does your hairline appear higher or more uneven?

Does your hair feel thinner or like you need to put it in a tighter ponytail than before? Are there lots of hairs coming out in your comb or brush, or lots of hair in the drain when you shower? Your hair loss may start to become noticeable due to hormones, stress, an injury or illness, or even genetics, but this doesn't mean you should just let it happen. See your dermatologist about hair replacement options.

Your hair loss is affecting your mental health

Are you feeling depressed because of hair loss? Do you feel like you cannot leave your home or go anywhere without a wig or a hat or other covering? If your mental health is affected by your changing hair condition, then you should see a dermatologist about any hair replacement options you may have. Since hair loss is not likely to stop and many at-home treatments simply don't work or may just slow down the hair loss process, then it's best to see a dermatologist for care.

Your hair loss is getting much worse

If your hair loss is continuing at a rapid pace, get to a dermatologist right away. You may have a skin condition that is making your condition worse, and the sooner you receive treatment, the more likely treatment may be able to work. Try to remember when your hair loss started and what your concerns are so you can share them with your dermatologist at your appointment.

Hair loss is something many people suffer from, and there are hair replacement treatments available. See if there is a solution for you by making an appointment with your dermatologist today.