3 Reasons To Visit A Dermatologist If You Have Acne

If you are dealing with acne, or the repercussions of acne, then you can likely benefit a great deal by going to see the dermatologist. They can offer you treatments for your skin that no one else can, and many of these treatments are going to have very positive results for you. This article is going to discuss 3 reasons why you should visit a dermatologist if you have acne. 

They Can Prescribe You Topical Or Oral Medications 

While you have access to several over-the-counter acne medications, you are only going to get access to prescription acne medications by visiting your dermatologist. They may prescribe topical ointments that are bit stronger and more specialized than some of the other OTC products that you have tried in the past, making them more effective for you. They may also prescribe some oral medications that you can take that work with your hormones, skin, and other aspects of your body to try and help reduce or eliminate your acne. 

They Provide Laser Therapy 

A dermatologist will also provide in-office treatments, such as laser therapy. This type of therapy is going to target the bacteria on your face that is responsible for causing your acne. The laser is going to kill the bacteria that are present, thus helping to not only reduce your current acne, but also stop new acne from forming on your face. 

They Can Help Reduce Your Scarring 

If you have scarring on your face due to severe acne that you once had or acne that you are still suffering from, then you can benefit a great deal from going to the dermatologist. They are going to perform specialized treatments on your skin that can help to reduce or even eliminate this scarring. One treatment that they may do is a chemical peel. This is going to remove the top layer of your skin, where a lot of your scarring is present. This is not going to be painful for you, but will result in a lot of dry and peeling skin as the first layer comes off. Another form of treatment that they may use is microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion works by exfoliating the top layer of you skin to remove the dead skin cells. This removes the top layer of your skin as well and leaves you with a healthy layer underneath. In both cases, you are going to reduce the amount of acne scarring, because you are removing the skin where the acne is present.