Bridal Botox: Understanding The Trend Of Getting Cosmetic Procedures With Your Wedding Party

Weddings are a time to make memories, not only with your new spouse, but also with your friends and family. Often, brides invite their friends to get manicures and pedicures or to join in on a pre-wedding diet. However, now brides are taking things a step further by offering cosmetic procedures to their bridesmaids. Whether you think getting cosmetic procedures done with your best friends sounds a little extreme or right up your alley, understanding why the trend is taking hold can help you decide if it might be right for you and your friends as well as prevent you from falling into some potential pitfalls around the trend. 

Bonding Over Something New Together 

The final months leading up to your wedding are traditionally a time for you to transition from life with your friends as the focus to life with your family as the focus. However, for many modern women it is important to make their friends part of their life long after they are married. One way to make sure your friendships continue into your marriage is to create new traditions that can continue after you are married. For some women, their first Botox treatment is one of many regular treatments. By inviting your friends to do this with you before your wedding, you can start a semi-annual or annual tradition between you and your friends that can continue even after you are married. Botox is an especially appropriate pre-wedding gift to your friends, as many women are getting married in their mid or late thirties, when initial preventative Botox should be considered. 

Creating Special Memories 

Many people view the time before the wedding as a time to let loose and create special, more extreme memories between you and your friends. For some women, this can involve activities such as skydiving or a high-profile shopping trip. For you and your friends, it may involve your first cosmetic procedures together. You may keep in mind that not everyone has to opt for the same procedure. While one friend gets Botox, another can get lip injections, and a third can opt for microblading. However, to create those really special memories, you should make sure that you can get your treatments together, perhaps in a more spa-like setting. You may also want to make it part of a more elaborate outing or spa day with your friends. 

Getting Into Top Physical Shape for the Wedding 

Because a wedding is a special occasion, most women like to look their absolute best. This is true for the bride, but is also true for the bridesmaids who will be standing next to the bride and featured in many photographs. If creating the perfect pictures is a priority for you, minor cosmetic procedures may be a natural progression from hiring hair and makeup artists or joining a pre-wedding body sculpting class with your friends. Of course, you should consult a dermatologist to determine exactly when you and your friends should schedule your cosmetic procedures. While some could be completed the week before the wedding, others may need a few weeks of time to settle before your wedding. 

Whether you think cosmetic procedures should be a part of your pre-wedding bonding depends on you and your friends. While you can offer to give this as a gift to your bridesmaids, you should make sure that they do not feel pressured to engage in a procedure they do not feel ready for. Additionally, you should not feel pressured to offer it just because it is a current trend. Instead, make sure it is something you want to do that will create positive memories for you.