Common Eczema Questions Addressed

There are a number of skin conditions that can arise over the course of your lifetime, and these issues can be both uncomfortable and cosmetically embarrassing. More precisely, eczema is one of the more frequently encountered skin conditions, and patients need to make sure that they are informed about this potential condition.

Is Eczema Contagious?

There is a fear among patients that have only recently developed eczema that they will be able to spread this condition to others. While eczema can leave unsightly patches of red and irritated skin, it cannot be spread through contact. In fact, eczema is largely a genetic condition, and the symptoms can often be triggered due to exposure to an allergen. Luckily, it is often possible for a dermatologist to determine the substances that are contributing to this condition so that you can avoid them in the future.

What Treatments Can Be Used For Patients With Eczema?

When a person is suffering from eczema, it can be easy to assume that there are no treatment options available. While it is true that eczema cannot be cured, it is possible to greatly lessen the symptoms of this condition through the use of topical creams. These creams will help to moisturize the skin, which can have a soothing effect. After using these creams for several weeks, you will likely find that your symptoms are much less severe and that your breakouts are more spread out. In severe instances of eczema, patients may need to take prescription allergy medicines to help weaken the body's autoimmune response that is contributing to the eczema.

Can Problems Arise If You Do Not Have The Eczema Treated?

Some patients may assume that eczema will only be a cosmetic issue. Yet, this skin condition can develop an intense itching sensation that can lead to you inadvertently leaving scratches on your skin. These scratches can be prone to scarring and developing infections that may worsen the eczema. If you are finding that it is extremely hard to resist the urge to scratch the eczema, you should consider placing gauze over the affected area. This will help to protect the skin by reducing itching sensations and protecting your skin when you have to scratch it.

Suffering from eczema is one of the more common and embarrassing skin conditions that a person may experience. Understanding that this skin condition is not contagious, the treatment options available and the dangers of failing to seek treatment can make you better prepared to minimize the impact this condition has on your life. To learn more, contact a company like Dermatology Surgery Center.